Our Approach

Jorge's 20 years of experience on how to tango and Ana's vast knowledge of body awareness and contemporary dance complement each other in their approach to the art of Tango.

The classes start with the light warm up, posture and body awareness, following with partnering technique that is going to serve as a guideline for the movement to learn.

Focus on musicality as rhythm, fraseo and melody will aid our students the understanding of connection and harmony of the dance.

Trial and error method is used as a part of the process of learning. We come back to learning as we were as children - its not about 'how', but 'what'. Doing that we take away all the unnecessary and confusing thinking, so that we have a clear path to the fine-tuning (the 'how').
Using the natural movements of the body as the base of the technique will allow a cognitive and accessible way to dancing.

We are constantly looking for the simplest way to share our knowledge to make the journey of Tango easy, enjoyable and accessible to everyone. We encourage creativity and finding your own way of dancing.
Tango Argentino Lessons for Beginners with Ana & Jorge
Tango Argentino Lessons for Advanced with Ana & Jorge
Tango Argentino Lessons for Beginners with Chiara & Jorge
20:00h-21:00h Beginners 20:00h-21:00h Advanced with Lisa & Jorge @ Tangobar
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